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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

From Bunker Hill to Pork Chop Hill. From Saratoga to Grenada. From the Gulf of Tonkin to the Persian Gulf.

The American fighting soldier has stood tall on many a national and international shore.

Born on a distant land, spiritually nurtured on ideals of liberty and freedom, he helped create a nation destined for greatness.

Ever since, he’s been guarding those ideals with his heart and his blood.

Vera Cruz… San Antonio… Lexington… The Argonne Forest… Corregidor… Inchon… Saigon…Fallujah… Kabul.

Many a time he wore the wreathe of victory opposing others attempting to impose their own rule, their own ideals.

In recent history, his image has become tarnished while weathering the hostility of those of a lesser calling. But through the tarnish the spirit still rings, the determination still glows.

The American fighting soldier is there now as he was before, same as ever, always, always.

Dan Petkunas


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