Gwladys Axelrod | Separation of Church and Politics?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Since when is it OK for a religious organization, Grace Baptist Church for instance, to invite a candidate to their church to propagandize their position and then ask other pastors to pray for him?

If Pastor David Hegg is, for him as an individual, that’s OK. But I object that he proselytizes for (Garcia) at the church.

Does he not know that Garcia voted to overturn the presidential election to keep Donald Trump in power? Or does he not care?

Gwladys Axelrod


Editor’s note: The letters appearing today — and some yet to come — were related to Tuesday’s election but were received after the announced cutoff date of Oct. 11 for submission of election-related letters to be published before the election. The final pre-election letters were published Oct. 25.

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