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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Joseph Goebbels would be proud. Santa Clarita’s far left has its own minister of propaganda. 

Week after week, Thomas Oatway beats the same tired obsessive drum, really visceral hatred, of Republicans, Fox News, old white people and Donald Trump. 

In his letter of Nov. 26, Oatway proposed sending all MAGA Republicans, QAnon supporters, anti-semites, Proud Boys and white supremacists, and pro-lifers to Haiti. Goebbels would have put them on trains. 

In his most recent weekly rant of Dec. 4, Oatway doubles down and wants to ban free speech in his support of Assembly Bill 2098. 

It matters not to Oatway that the scientific consensus, even with the left’s own COVID expert, Anthony Fauci, has been evolving. 

Case in point: early in the pandemic Gov. Gavin Newsom and other “experts” mandated that schools be closed, we all wear masks and we avoid large gatherings. Months later many experts in the field now recognize those policies were unscientific and, in some cases, actually harmful. 

In Oatway’s control of the media world, those doctors and media outlets who offer differing medical opinions on COVID could possibly be subject to arrest or censure from California’s medical board. What’s to prevent the same censorship medical guidelines from being applied to doctors who want to prescribe alternative treatments for other diseases?

With the passage of AB 2098, it’s not much of a jump for the left’s purveyors of propaganda to call for a similar ban on opposition newspapers, film, theater and music that advocate free speech, differing opinions and personal responsibility. 

We’ve seen recent evidence of that with Elon Musk lifting the lid of censorship with his purchase of Twitter.

Max Morgan


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