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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

We are coming up on graduation season. According to a Young America’s Foundation commencement speaker survey, most speakers at college graduation ceremonies in 2023 had a “liberal perspective.” Out of 100 schools surveyed, an overwhelming 60 liberal speakers were identified, while only a single conservative voice made its way to the podium. 

These are your people, Gary Horton, Lois Eisenberg and Thomas Oatway. You must be proud that our young people are getting such a well-rounded education. 

How proud are you of the pro-Hamas liberal Democratic crowd that blocked bridges and chanted, “Death to Israel, Death to America?” Of course, these are almost exclusively young people. Where did they get their deranged, hateful ideas at such a young age? 

First place I would look would be at the almost 100% liberal faculty at the colleges they attend. These are the professors who teach that America is divided into the oppressors and the oppressed, and has been that way since our Founding Fathers created our Constitution. 

That, of course, is complete liberal nonsense. These same professors are saying that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. We know that is a vile lie and couldn’t be further from the truth. Israel is fighting for its very existence with the Palestinian-backed Hamas. 

I will guarantee you that there were no MAGA supporters on those bridges chanting, “Death to Israel, Death to America.” MAGA supporters love our country and what it stands for. They won’t be in Chicago this summer causing violence at the Democratic National Convention. I will also guarantee you that the pro-Hamas demonstrators will be there en masse chanting their hateful chants and wreaking havoc on the Windy City.   

How do I feel about these pro-Hamas demonstrators who held up emergency vehicles and prevented people from making their airline flights on time, while chanting their vile chants? 

My first reaction was, “Throw them off the bridge.” Then I realized that solution was a bit harsh. Soon I had an epiphany: Arrest all of them. If they are here on a foreign visa, deport them immediately. If they are American citizens, give them a choice of jail time for sedition and treason, or send them to a Middle Eastern country of their choice where they will be praised for their anti-American, pro-Hamas stance. 

This is not “America, Love it or Leave It.” This is, “If you hate America so much that you want it to die, find a better place and go there.” 

Larry Moore


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