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Letters to the Editor
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Re: Judy Propri, letters, “Arthur, Come Home,” Dec. 6.

OK… How am I not getting the last word here, Ms. Propri? I’ve done my best to put this matter to rest, but you insist on keeping it on life support. 

The only thing I’m “perfect” at is being myself, and I don’t think it would be much of a stretch for you to do the same. I don’t see myself as being “holy,” which sounds just a bit creepy on the face of it.

The only reason I don’t fail God is because He’s never asked me to do anything I can’t or won’t do. Actually, I can’t recall Him ever asking me to do anything — if you don’t count the times I hallucinated those celestial entities while on mushrooms. 

I don’t pray for anything… ever. You don’t know how that package is going to be delivered. I actually see prayer as a booby trap, as in, “be careful what you ask for.” 

And as for being “sinners,” I think you’re being way too hard on yourselves.

But since you ask, I will share with you how I happily live a life that is indifferent to God and His church. I’m not afraid of the consequences — and please don’t reply with something like, “Well, you should be.” Really, it’s that simple. So, are we done here? I suggest you and yours “shake the dust off your feet” and try the next village, just like Jesus told you to. 

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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