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A comfortable atmosphere in the house is created by climate technology. This group of devices includes air conditioners (AC) with a separately installed condenser and evaporator. It has to be periodically repaired, and this process is a complex of activities. They are performed by highly specialized craftsmen (for example, the company Alfa Mechanical is engaged in the AC repair in Sacramento). It doesn’t matter how you cope, on your own or with outside help, in any case it is important to know the internal content and principle of operation of these devices.

How does an air conditioner work?

To repair modern mobile air conditioners, a different scheme is used compared to wall-mounted climate systems. In mobile devices, the evaporator and condenser are in the same housing, and split systems always consist of two spaced units. They are interconnected by an electric cable and copper tubes of different diameters.

What does it consist of?

  1. The refrigerant moves through the copper tubes. The gas phase moves along a pipeline of a larger diameter, and liquid freon moves along another route. Each of the pipes during installation is necessarily insulated, since the metal has a high thermal conductivity.
  1. The electrical cable is laid simultaneously with copper pipes and drainage. The cable cross section is selected depending on the performance of the equipment.
  1. The drain tube is usually made of plastic, less commonly used rubber product. If necessary, connect the drainage element using adhesive tape or fumtape. Often, the drainage is additionally equipped with a special heating cable, which is practically indispensable in the winter, since an ice plug can form in the tube.

Principle of operation

The condenser and evaporator in the indoor and outdoor units are coils. They are blown with air. To do this, the design has fans. If the air conditioner is operated in winter, then the compressor crankcase of the outdoor unit is equipped with heating, since standard lubricants do not work simultaneously at negative and positive temperatures.

The internal element of the system is additionally equipped with an infrared receiver. The outdoor unit also has a control and monitoring system.

The compressor is always located in the outdoor element. This arrangement allows you to reduce the noise level and carry out heat removal to the street.

A vacuum is formed in the evaporator during the operation of the air conditioner, as the compressor pumps the refrigerant out of it. After compression it moves to the condenser. Here, the refrigerant passes into the liquid phase and gives off heat.

What breaks

Do-it-yourself repair of wall-mounted split systems is a difficult process, since not every person knows the principle of operation and the design of climate technology. However, indicators help to restore the performance of the devices, allowing you to determine the nature of the malfunctions. There are breakdowns in the equipment, which can be eliminated only after contacting modern air conditioner repair shops (Alfa Mechanics is always in touch).

However, consumers often face simpler problems. They can deal with them on their own.

Water appears

Water may start to drip from the indoor unit or condensation may appear on the cabinet walls. Such malfunctions occur as a result of improper operation of the device. A breakdown may occur due to the start of the cooling mode at a low ambient temperature. The channel can also become clogged with dirt that accumulates on the internal radiator and flows into a container, from which it moves to the drain tube.

  • In the cold season, warm up the channel, if the ice plug has not yet formed in it. The optimum heating temperature is +7°C
  • If an ice plug appears, wait for the onset of heat, it will resolve itself
  • Flush the drain with water when using a pump or compressor unit

Filter clogged

It is eliminated by cleaning the filter elements of the indoor unit, on which dust and lint accumulate. The sources of their appearance are carpets and wool products. Filters are removed from the equipment after opening the front panel. They are washed with running water. In this case, a brush can be used to remove dirt.

Air does not heat up

If the unit continues to cool the air in the room when it switches to heating mode, the technical condition of the 4-way valve or control circuit must be taken into account. After replacing the elements, the refrigerant is charged and a new receiver-dryer is installed.

The air is not cooled in summer

The cause of the malfunction may be hidden in exceeding the maximum operating temperature of the outdoor unit. During installation, the outer element is usually placed in the shade, which prevents it from overheating.

Does not cool in moderate weather

The cause of the breakdown may be a freon leak or clogging of the capillary tube with ice. It is necessary to turn off the climate equipment and wait a maximum of 4 hours. If after that the air conditioner starts to work normally, then the cause of the breakdown was in the water accumulated in the freon circuit. If it still does not work correctly, then in this case the problem is due to a refrigerant leak. Repair consists in restoring the efficiency of radiators.

Cools the air too much

Usually the part of the electrical circuit breaks, and the device does not turn off, even when the temperature reaches the set value.

Outdoor unit does not turn on

It is necessary to pay attention to the serviceability of the control relay located in the indoor unit. Also, the electric board may fail or the electric drive may break.

High-quality repairs of modern AC are most often required due to a refrigerant leak. The breakdown is eliminated by soldering the copper parts of the device. Professional tools are used for this (Alfa Mechanical also has them).

On your own or with help?

Air conditioner is an indispensable assistant, on the effective operation of which not only comfort, but also health depends. Together with the installation of the unit, the contractor company, as a rule, offers to conclude a contract for maintenance and diagnostics. It is important to distinguish which basic principles for the maintenance exist, which ones are really useful, and which can be safely abandoned.

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