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Letters to the Editor
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In re: Jonathan Kraut, commentary, “Legislation Because of Jan. 6,” Jan. 3. 

While we seldom agree on most issues, I always enjoy reading Mr. Kraut’s submissions as he is a very talented writer. 

In the above-mentioned article I pretty much agree with his observations concerning the fiasco of Jan. 6, except for his bizarre statement: “Some good news for us so far: Gas prices have dropped to below pre-pandemic lows, inflation is cooling off quickly…” 

This makes me wonder when was the last time Mr. Kraut went shopping or filled his gas tank! 

And like most Democrats, Mr. Kraut totally ignores all of the violent and destructive riots by people and groups that could hardly be described as supporters of the former president or anything that he stood for just because they didn’t occur in the capital on Jan 6. I seriously doubt that the families of the many people killed and injured or the entire neighborhoods of those cities that were destroyed and have never recovered really see much difference… a riot is a riot, no matter what the motivation may be or the political views of the participants. 

And this brings us to the most glaring blindness of Mr. Kraut’s article, which is the utter and total disregarding of the Constitution by the current occupant of the White House and his fellow Democrats in the Congress and Senate… and supported by the head of U.S. Justice Department, Merrick Garland, who is arguably the most partisan, corrupt and crooked attorney general that we have seen since John Mitchell of Watergate fame. And about the only difference is that the Mainstream Media back then HATED Richard Nixon and John Mitchell and the current MSM loves President Joe Biden and his crooked henchmen. 

Let’s stop this highly selective outrage based on politics. Mr. Kraut, you’re smarter and better than this. 

Rick Barker 


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