Local resident publishes first children’s book

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News release 

Shamiran Bricker has been a Santa Clarita resident since 1990. Her love of reading pushed her to start writing early. Although she never thought about publishing her stories, she always loved to make children feel special.  

Her husband, Ken, encouraged her to submit her writing and her first children’s book, “Ben the Bicycle,” was published in October.  

“Reviews have stated what a ‘great message’ it sends to the kids and how ‘this book has now become a staple in our bedtime routine,’” said a prepared statement released by Bricker.  

The book was inspired by her 10-year-old son Jaxon. He was diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder at age 7 and has gone through some really rough phases of being so discouraged that he felt like he wasn’t a good kid, the statement said.  

“I wanted Jaxon to know that regardless of what he can or can’t do well, he’s still special, kind, and important,” Bricker said in the statement.  

So, she wrote this book for him and all the other kids out there who feel they aren’t “normal” or who have any type of learning disability.  

“I want them to know that even small, regular things done well are important and special. I love it when kids connect to a character and realize that they are special regardless of how well they read, or how good an athlete they are, or even how tall or short they are,” Bricker added. “My goal in writing is for kids to keep going. No matter what everyone else says, if there is something that makes you feel good, don’t stop. You got this!” 

“Ben the Bicycle” can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all major book sellers.  

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