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Letters to the Editor
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I find it interesting how my liberal friends always get so upset that oil companies make so much money when gas goes up in price. Do they understand how percentages work? If a gallon of gas is $3 and the oil company gets 10%, they will make 30 cents on every gallon. So if that gallon is raised to $5, at that same 10%, the company will make 50 cents on every gallon. Multiply that by billions of gallons sold and of course they will make a lot more money! How easy is that?

But I have one for you, my liberal friends. One no one talks about. One not based on percentage. Take a look at the chart below and guess what company had these gross profit numbers:

• 2019: $31,838 billion.

• 2020 $33,167 billion.

• 2021 $50,467 billion.

• 2022 $65,986 billion.

This is a company that produced a product that they didn’t know how long it would last, how effective it would be, if it would work at all and what the side effects would be immediately and over time.

Yes, it is Pfizer Pharmaceutical! Why hasn’t anyone challenged an over 50% increase over the years of COVID-19 ? Who has stock in this company? How many are in our federal government? 

While millions of Americans and businesses struggled during the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci and his wife experienced an increase of $5 million net worth.

I’m just wondering!

Ronald Perry

Canyon Country

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