Max Morgan | Don’t Forget Truth Serum for Joe

Letters to the Editor

“MAGA, MAGA, MAGA.” In his latest weekly fixation and obsession with MAGA Republicans and Donald Trump, Thomas Oatway (March 24) has called for all politicians who lie to be injected with truth serum. I hope he has enough serum left for Joe Biden.

For months Joe Biden has told us that he knew “nothing” about his family, the most politically corrupt family in the United States, selling access to foreign countries and companies. The lies and denials were perpetuated by corrupt government officials and by the mainstream media who assured us that the damning information on Hunter Biden’s laptop was part of a Russian “disinformation” campaign. 

We have since learned, by many of those same government officials and by even some in the media, the information on Hunter’s laptop was accurate. In addition, financial records released from Biden’s own administration confirm that millions were transferred from China to Biden family members. 

It has also been verified that Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s former White House communications director, knew of the subterfuge and helped to perpetuate the lie and cover up.

I smell impeachment in the air.

Max Morgan


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