Arthur Saginian | Vaccines and Wolves

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Letters to the Editor
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In his March 11 letter, Thomas Oatway showed Charles Darwin’s theory is being proven correct. The funny part is, Mr. Oatway might not have considered just HOW Darwin’s theory is being played out in this virus/vaccine/obstinacy/obedience scenario. According to Darwin’s theory of natural selection, species will either adapt to their changing environment to survive or face extinction. This is an oversimplified generalization (as are most of my observations), but I’m going somewhere with this — somewhere that might make Mr. Oatway rethink which side of Darwinism he is on, survival or extinction.

Those “obstinate” Republicans may indeed be dying in “somewhat” larger numbers than those “obedient” Democrats, but I would postulate that those surviving without the vaccine are coming out physically stronger than their now vaccine-dependent counterparts. Taken to its asymptotic limits, vaccine-dependent humans may not be physically equipped to survive the virus that will one day defy the “miracles” of medical science while those who adapted to life without the aid of vaccines will have the advantage. 

Humans didn’t survive by leaning on crutches, Mr. Oatway. They survived by allowing those who needed crutches to be taken by the wolves. Can you hear them howling, Tom? I think you can.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita 

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