Lois Eisenberg | Trump Town Hall Was Irresponsible

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

When you have a vocally captive supportive audience at your town hall meeting at CNN, of course you are going to get applause and laughter at every lie and demeaning comment you make.

The CNN town hall got a 3 million audience for this controversial airing of Donald Trump spewing lies, hate and steamrolling the moderator and showing how out of control Trump really gets.

Trump used his time on CNN to spew his lies, hate and his destruction of democracy, and demeaning another person who rightfully accused him of sexual abuse who won that accusation in court.

The selective supporting audience found pleasure in Trump’s lies, hateful and demeaning accusations.

This type of news programming is irresponsible by CNN, as it is at FOX News for spewing their lies, hate and their demeaning agenda.

This is not journalism, this is sensationalism. 

Corporate media cares more about ratings rather than democracy, truth or “journalistic standards.”

CNN and Fox News can’t be trusted to “responsibly platform Trump.”

Chris Licht, the new CEO of CNN, said Trump can be “tricky and messy” and he sure was that, Mr. Licht.

Many of the employees at CNN said there has to be some sense of self-awareness for town halls, and they went on to say, and I’ll be polite in what others have said and boil it down that the town hall was a major “screw-up.”

Hoping that true and unbiased journalism and town halls are forthcoming!

Lois Eisenberg

Santa Clarita

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