Maximizing Oil Life with Fryer Powder: A Cost-Effective Solution


As is evident in many fast food restaurants, as oil ages, food becomes greasier and less appealing. Dissatisfied customers result from a lack of flavour uniformity and quality across dishes. As a result, a customer’s trust in your business might be damaged after just one terrible dining experience.

While many fry cooks rely on oil colour as a quality indicator, this is not always the case. When heated, different oils change colour in distinctive ways. For instance, palm oil is known to change colour rapidly, while other oils can take considerably longer.

It’s important to closely monitor the quality of your fryer oil, but with the rising prices of oil today it can be tempting to allow your fryer oil to go for a little longer than it should.

But what if you could extend the lifespan of your fryer oil, ensuring its quality and that great taste of your menu, and save costs in the process?

Fryer Powder is an exciting product that provides a great way to do just that, ensuring excellent fryer oil quality and better overheads for your business. Here, we explore just how this incredible product works.

What is Fryer Powder?

With oil costs on the rise, it’s crucial that you find ways to reduce the amount of oil used in deep frying while maintaining the same level of quality. When used after the oil has been filtered, additives and antioxidants such fry powder and oil can considerably increase the oil’s shelf life.

Using fryer powder, such the cutting-edge, food-safe MirOil Fryer Powder Stabilizer and Filter Aid, can help you save money while also increasing the quality and longevity of your deep fryer oil. Save money without sacrificing quality by serving fried meals safely.

If the fryer is on or in use twice a day, adding fry powder every 6-8 hours has many advantages.

Fryer powder has an antioxidant function, acting like a ‘vitamin’ therapy, to avoid harmful breakdown reactions while frying. Because less oil is lost to food absorption and waste when using fry powder, oil stays fresher and can be used for longer.

Not only will you spend less on oil, but you’ll also reduce your energy costs. The fryer can maintain a lower temperature and provide more even cooking throughout by using fry powder and stabilisers.

This is due the fact that the food’s natural moisture is preserved while the water is used for cooking at a reduced temperature, ensuring the quality and juiciness of your food and overall customer satisfaction.

Great tasting food with longer lasting, quality fryer oil can all be accomplished with Miroil Fryer Powder.

When added to the fryer oil, these citric acid-treated, surface-active absorbents soak up the soaps and detergents. This keeps happening all day long as you keep frying.

By regulating the oil and reducing its absorption into the food, you get a superior final product and a longer fryer oil lifespan, which saves money over frequent fryer oil changes.

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