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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It appears that I am getting under the skin of some of the far-right contributors to The Signal. If one does not have a logical argument to support a position, attack the person whose ideas do not align with your own. This seems to be their plan.

Rick Barker has questioned my intent to switch my party affiliation from independent to Democratic. He suggests that there is no point, since I can vote against Mike Garcia no matter what party I choose. That is true. However, Mike Garcia is so radical in his beliefs, including on abortion and voter suppression, that even a Republican majority of voters finds them distasteful. And if Mr. Barker needs me to explain why a switch to Democrat from independent makes sense, I can only say that with the Republican Party so out of touch with voters, I will have no reason to vote for a Republican, as I have done in the past. Independents no longer have a choice. The Republicans no longer offer the best candidate with the best policies. 

Brian Richards is similarly upset with my contributions to The Signal. He argued that my statement that “we have to rid ourselves of this menace” somehow referred to all 75 million who voted for Donald Trump. He knows well that I was referring to the menace of facism, white nationalism, antisemitism, church control of government/judiciary, conspiracy theorists and the MAGA Republican cult. 

I am thankful to live in California, which has rejected all of the above radicalism. I am hopeful that the former Republican Party will be revived so we have a true two-party system with thoughtful and reasonable positions promoted by both sides.

Thomas Oatway


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