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In her debut book “A Breast Cancer Journey: Living it One Step at a Time,” local writer Jennifer A. Douglas chronicles the cancer experiences from diagnosis to recovery.  

With writings from fellow survivors woven throughout a candid account of her own journey, “A Breast Cancer Journey: Living it One Step at a Time” aims to encourage breast cancer patients that stage zero breast cancer doesn’t mean zero challenges. The book, published by Bold Story Press on May 23, is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

“’A Breast Cancer Journey’ is a fantastic guide for anyone newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Packed with vital details for understanding a breast cancer diagnosis, planning treatment, and navigating recovery, Jennifer Douglas’ book should be on every oncologist’s shelf,” Dr. Beverly Zavaleta, author of “Braving Chemo: What to Expect, How to Prepare, and How to Get Through It,” said in a news release. 

Douglas’ breast cancer journey began during a routine mammogram in 2019 when she was diagnosed with DCIS, stage zero breast cancer. Despite the common notion that such an early stage of the disease isn’t much to worry about, Douglas’ entire life became consumed with research, biopsies, treatment decisions and overwhelming emotions. Since then, she’s focused her advocacy efforts on addressing the challenges facing early-stage breast cancer patients – namely, the misconception about early-stage’s emotional and physical impact. 

The breast cancer community welcomed Douglas’ work with open arms, and she quickly built a social media presence around coping with the disease and sharing patient stories, the release said. She was named a 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness Month influencer by the Dr. Susan Love Foundation, invited to the inaugural Amgen Oncology Educational Social Media Summit, is a host of MOLLI Surgical’s Breast Practices,and leads a weekly video chat for the California Breast Cancer Facebook Group. 

In all of this work, Douglas encourages cancer patients to focus on their well-being and to put their experiences into writing. These firsthand accounts were the inspiration for “A Breast Cancer Journey: Living it One Step at a Time,” which shines a spotlight on the unique journeys of multiple cancer patients. As well as reminding cancer patients that they aren’t alone, the book also features information about navigating medical hurdles like imaging reports and recovering from procedures. 

“When you hear the words ‘you have breast cancer,’ your entire life freezes – no matter what stage is diagnosed next, the experience of fear, hopelessness, and isolation is the same,” Douglas said in the release. “Ever since completing my own treatment, I’ve felt called to the cancer community to encourage fellow patients during diagnosis, treatment and recovery. More than anything, people in those positions need insight, information and a reminder that they’re far from alone.” 

More information is available at jenniferadouglas.com. 

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