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Marsha McLean

As the warm breeze of summer begins to fill the air, what better way to cool off than at the beach.  I am pleased to announce the return of the Summer Beach Bus, a wonderful program utilizing Santa Clarita Transit buses to connect our community with the sun-kissed shores of Ventura, providing a convenient and enjoyable way to enjoy the sand, surf and sunshine.  

The Summer Beach Bus is not just a means of transportation, it is a gateway to unforgettable memories and a chance for our residents to experience the coastal charm that Ventura has to offer. 

On Saturdays and Sundays through Sunday, Sept. 3, residents can board the Summer Beach Bus from two locations: the Via Princessa Metrolink Station (19201 Via Princessa), departing at 8:22 a.m. and returning at 5:53 p.m., and the McBean Regional Transit Center (24375 Valencia Blvd.), departing at 8:40 a.m. and returning at 5:35 p.m.  

Upon entering the Summer Beach Bus, you can expect a comfortable, air-conditioned atmosphere captained by one of our friendly Santa Clarita Transit staff. Fares are $3 each way for adults and children, and $1.50 each way for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.  

The Summer Beach Bus takes away the hassle of freeway driving or finding parking in Ventura. All residents need to do is focus on the fun and beach-filled day upon arrival.  

The Summer Beach Bus drops riders off in the heart of Ventura, at the Ventura Harbor, a coastal gem nestled along its breathtaking shores. With a plethora of activities, travelers will find themselves within walking distance from numerous beaches such as Harbor Cove Beach, South Beach and Surfer’s Knoll Beach, which are all beautiful, bearing their own personalities. Partake in beach volleyball, fly a kite or simply watch the boats sail in and out of the harbor. Rent or bring your own beach equipment like surfboards and beach chairs, sit back, relax and enjoy the sunny rays – but don’t forget your sunscreen! 

Aside from enjoying the sand between your toes, the Ventura Harbor Village is a picturesque waterfront destination that offers an array of shops, restaurants and activities. Grab a bite to eat at a variety of favorite local establishments or visit one of the many lovely boutiques for souvenirs, jewelry or Ventura swimwear. You can even rent kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and fun pedal boats with the choice of classic, swan, dragon or ducks!   

 Another “must-do” experience in the Ventura Harbor is joining the Island Packers (1691 Spinnaker Drive) for an incredible whale watching excursion. Seeing these amazing mammals up close and personal is a must for any nature lover! Aside from whales, you can visit seals, sea lions and an assortment of sea birds in their natural homes. On any day, you could see gray whales, humpbacks, orcas, Minke whales and dolphins!  

Ventura, with its laid-back atmosphere and boundless recreational opportunities, beckons adventurers, nature enthusiasts and leisure seekers alike – a perfect destination for the Summer Beach Bus. Hop aboard and let the sounds of the waves be your soundtrack all summer as you embark on an unforgettable journey!  

For more information about the Summer Beach Bus routes and times, please visit I hope to SEA you there! 

Councilwoman Marsha McLean is a member of the Santa Clarita City Council and can be reached at [email protected]. 

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