Patrick Daems | Local Control a Necessary Casualty

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Signal editorial, June 24, “RIP, Local Control in California.”

It is indeed a shame that we cannot enforce our city’s construction parameters on a 128-unit apartment complex on Flying Tiger Drive and Sierra Highway. No question, the Planning Commission’s issues such as height limits and parking restrictions are relevant, are meant to keep our beautiful Santa Clarita Valley as beautiful as it already is.  

But homelessness is a real issue, also in Santa Clarita. Home prices are expensive, too expensive for many retiring. Impossibly expensive for people relying on unemployment or other support payments.  Our zoning standards do make housing more expensive. 

This is why the California Housing Affordability measure makes sense, much as I hate to admit it — much as I hope that they never build such an apartment complex near my home.  

Patrick Daems 

Stevenson Ranch

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