Thomas Oatway | Conspiracy Theories or Truth?

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Letters to the Editor
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Rob Kerchner reported (May 9) in his Signal letter to the editor that Hunter Biden’s scandal eclipsed Watergate. His letter was short on facts and truthfulness, and long on conspiracy theories and misinformed thinking about Hunter Biden’s influence on the 2020 presidential election.

NBC News, among other reputable media outlets, reported that charges against Hunter Biden are being considered by the U.S. Attorney in Delaware. This includes two misdemeanor counts for failure to file taxes properly. One felony count of tax evasion is related to a business expense in one year of tax returns. A gun charge relates to a purchase while an admitted drug abuser, also a felony. Right-wing media also reported that Hunter Biden had introduced a Ukrainian energy company executive to Joe Biden in 2015. Sounds awful, but not in comparison to Jared Kushner getting a $2 billion investment account from Saudi Arabia upon exiting the White House.

According to Kerchner, this is an “enormous news story” and meets or exceeds Watergate, which felled a president and landed his top cabinet members in jail. He advises that the White House is involved with Hunter Biden’s criminal investigation, an unfounded conspiracy theory. He also reports that the Hunter Biden scandal subverted the electoral process, and President Joe Biden engineered a massive public deception. This from a doddering old politician who is supposedly unable to brush his teeth and comb his hair?

I am puzzled as to why The Signal would allow a conspiracy theorist like Kerchner to spread his Deep Bandini on the opinion page. It seems demeaning to the noble profession of journalism.

Thomas Oatway


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