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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Everyone in this city, state, and indeed the nation, should be standing up and applauding Mr. Mario Presents of Palmdale for his empathy, bravery and courage for standing up and speaking out at the Santa Clarita City Council meeting on June 13. 

The council was having a heated discussion on Pride Month when Mr. Presents was recognized to speak. 

He first said that he had always felt comfortable in Santa Clarita. He called the pride flag a symbol of unity, not a nation. But he also felt the need to call out the LGBTQ community’s “predatory and debaucherous” behavior, sharing some of the ways its members victimize each other through online means.

While he supported unity, he feels flying the pride flag alongside the American flag was problematic, because one ideology or religion should not be given preference, saying the community would never fly the flag with the Star of David on it during the high holidays of the Jewish faith.

“A country that puts one ideology, religion or group above another is a country destined for division. Santa Clarita is one city with many lifestyles, but more importantly it is a city dedicated to freedom and justice for all. We are one country and we only need one flag to represent us.”

Yes indeed. Thank you, Mr. Presents for speaking with courage and common sense when those around you seemed to have none!

Ronald Perry

Canyon Country

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