Website vs. Social Media: Does Your Business Still Need a Website?


There’s still an ongoing debate about whether a brand should put more effort into its website or social media platforms. Before deciding, you need to answer a few questions, such as which of the two generates the most consumers? Which one will lead to more growth for the brand? And lastly, where will you find more ROI? For instance, if your demographic market is on social media, it may be time to think about how to get free followers on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. While social media is a powerful tool for growing your business, there is value in a website that social media will not provide for your business. Read on as we discuss whether your business needs a website or social media platform.

Why Is Social Media Important for Your Business?

Social media effectively markets your business and allows your brand to interact with customers daily. This allows you to create a business personality, build customer relationships and use various methods to entice new consumers. Other benefits of social media platforms include the following:

  • Besides interfacing with existing customers, it can reach a vast audience, potential consumers. For example, there are about a billion active users on Facebook, which means your brand has access to a billion potential customers.
  • Social media platforms are free, making them popular and effective. One can create an online presence from any place, and it doesn’t require skills such as coding. Unlike websites, you will not require development or maintenance costs. In addition, the platforms are mobile-friendly and allow users to use their pages several times a day. The platform’s dependence also gets consumers to expose them to subtle brand advertisements daily.
  • They contain specific tools that make it easy for businesses to utilize them to their advantage. For example, Facebook has a business management feature that enables brands to manage their marketing plans, boost their campaigns, and coordinate, plan, and schedule.

Why Is It Important to Have a Business Website?

A business’s online presence is more than social media marketing. Having an excellent online presence means owning your own space on the internet where potential audiences can access your business. Other than serving the image of your business, a website leads to sales, raising your brand awareness and consumer loyalty. It’s the ultimate destination of your audience, and every content you share online, be it videos, paid advertisements, or podcasts, should be able to guide them to your business website. Here is why your business still needs a website.

Websites Give You Full Control Over Social Media

A website is built to reflect your brand, logo, lifestyle, and products. Social media platforms have particular formats that can limit the customization of your business structure and customer experience. Additionally, depending on the platform, your business has to present itself under a giant umbrella of the social media channel you are using. A website will give you complete representation that is accompanied by professionalism. 

It’s Your Strongest Digital Marketing Tool

Social media and websites are excellent marketing platforms for your business. However, websites are considered a superior choice because one can utilize the SEO function. While platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are great avenues to share content and engage with new audiences, these platforms are only limited to social media users, unlike platforms such as Google.

Websites allow businesses to market their services and products through branding, SEO, and copywriting. Search engine optimization(SEO) optimizes your website to ensure potential clients quickly discover it through organic search results.

The SEO ensures you are discovered by clients who would have yet to learn your business existed. It’s also beneficial to online brands that need physical locations for foot traffic. 

It Gives Your Business a Sense of Professionalism

Social media platforms don’t cut it when you want to position yourself as a professional. While you can have your Instagram page well curated with informative captions or content about your business, it isn’t suitable for audiences who want to learn about your brand quickly. A website can provide relevant business information such as services, products, price packages, contacts, and credentials.  

Websites Use Sales Funnels to Increase Leads to Sales

While picturesque images and creative captions are essential when showcasing your business, this is just a step to having an excellent sales funnel. Think of it this way. When you land on an Instagram account that has triggered your interest to learn more about the business, you will go to their website. Social media platforms can attract potential customers, but the website will close those sales.In conclusion, using social media platforms and websites has proven to give excellent results for your business. Social media will generate leads, and the website can help you convert those leads to sales.

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