Beonix Festival 2023: What’s in Store for This Year and Who to Expect on Stage


The main thing we learned from the 2022 edition: the organizers of BEONIX know how to surprise.

Now, we’re all sitting on the edge of our chairs, eagerly waiting to see and hear what they come up with this time.

However, we can slightly satiate your curiosity and share some titbits about the future event right away.

Somewhere on a Distant Planet

The previous electronic music festival was undoubtedly a success. The goal for this year is not only to repeat but also to surpass it. And judging by the announcements, there is every chance to do so.

Beonix 2023 will be held under the sign of the 9th planet. Or rather, on its surface.

The creators invite you to travel to an uncharted space object without leaving the island of Cyprus. Sounds great, doesn’t it? And by the way, that’s a lot cheaper than a tourist flight with Blue Origin. 

The concept of Planet 9 will affect all of your senses, including sight, hearing, touch, and taste.

Within one location, you’ll be able to find yourself in various environments and go through diverse experiences.  

The extraterrestrial effect will be achieved through the dreamlike scenery, costumes, ambiance, and, of course, music.

Where We Are Meeting in 2023


This is yet another brilliant concept from the fest founders — meeting in the Cypriot wine wonderland.

Exactly. ETKO — which has been announced as the venue for the music festival — is the oldest winemaker on the island. This Limassol-based winery has produced top-quality wines since 1844, exporting them worldwide.

Additionally, ETKO is one of the headliners of the annual Wine Festival held for many decades in Limassol.

Beonix organizers set out to preserve the atmosphere and personality of this unique historic site. At the same time, they intend to connect it with the future by making it the venue for a high-tech event.

By restoring the winery buildings, the Beonix squad will revitalize the well-known location. Thus, ETKO will be a destination for locals and tourists not only during the festival but all year round.

This way, the celebration of electronic music will also have a huge social impact. 

Who’s Behind the Turntables


Still, the main protagonist of the event, in addition to the visitors themselves, are the performing artists. And the lineup BEONIX has in store for you is just awesome.

In September, Limassol will host an international star-studded team of DJ set masters from Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America, Africa, and beyond.

It’s already known that the magnificent Black Coffee, Stephan Bodzin, Paul Kalkbrenner, and Maceo Plex will headline the festival.

The magic on stage will continue with performances by Oliver Huntemann, Luna Semara, Karla Blum, Jan Blomqvist, Joyhauser, Brina Knauss, Innellea, Anna, and many others.

Local electronic gurus will also demonstrate their amazing skills behind the turntables.

The hours-long music marathon will feature the full palette of drums, basslines, synth riffs, and vocals of house, techno, trance, electro, and other EDM styles.

Anticipating the 2023 Festival

The best part is that Beonix is still ahead of you, and you have a chance to snag a ticket to fly to the 9th planet.

We know what it was like last year, so we’re looking forward to the upcoming episode with intense curiosity and anticipation.

If you want to surf the waves of the top electronic music, see a show like you’ve never seen before, and pioneer unexplored territories, welcome aboard! 

Gathering place and time: Limassol-based ETKO in Cyprus, Sept. 22-24.

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