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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

What a waste!

The Grim Reaper is batting 1.000. One day we’ll be all lying on our death bed and reflect on our lives. What will the leftists who populate The Signal’s pages reflect on? Will they reflect on eight years, so far, of their lives devoted to being deranged about President Donald Trump? Will they regret the time and energy they spent hating him for so long? I doubt it.

If one were to look at the columns authored by leftists, you will see one, and only one, theme: That Donald J. Trump is the most evil human ever born and that his destruction must be accomplished at any price. To hell with our beautiful republic that has survived the British twice, civil war, World War I, the depression, World War II, and what seems like endless wars and calamities over the past 70 years. All of those hardships this country survived are nothing compared to what Donald Trump would/could do to this country if they are correct. 

It’s amazing that people don’t like a soaring economy, a sealed border, energy independence, and no wars. How odd that people like me think those are good things. Not one of them, to my recollection, has ever authored a column on the wonderful “accomplishments” of President Joe Biden or Gov. Gavin Newsom, which is weird.

The left is willing to burn this country down in their zeal to destroy President Trump. They think of the 75 million people who voted for President Trump as nothing more than buffoons who got duped into a cult by President Trump. They have utter contempt for him and us. What now remains to be seen is, what will our reaction be? Will various red-state attorneys general start prosecuting Democrats? I hope so, but thus far I don’t see us embracing the despicable tactics of the left. Not yet at least! I think it’s time to start investigating people looking for a crime. The playing field is rich with morally bankrupt Democrats they could and should target.

Not that I think the left is capable of introspection or even, gasp, advice from someone like me, but I would still like to offer some. You poke a bee long enough and you’re going to get stung. Your side may have built-in advantages like the Deep State and the media, but we have advantages as well. Recently 60%-plus of legislators in the Georgia House and Senate sent a letter to Gov. Brian Kemp demanding that impeachment proceedings begin against corrupt Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Hopefully more to come! Four indictments have done NOTHING to decrease President Trump’s popularity. Quite the contrary, in fact.

I once authored a letter expressing concerns about President Trump running again. I thought he had electability issues and that it would be very difficult for him to get 48-49% of the nation’s vote. But I will say the ongoing political assassination of him by the Biden administration and various crackpot district attorneys throughout the country is hardening my opinion. Donald Trump is our champion and he’s our warrior and I will proudly vote for him again should he get the nomination. He is our Gen. Patton! 

And then if he wins, God help the deep state, the warmongers, and all the rich men north of Richmond.

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch 

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