Declutter Bathrooms in Six Simple Steps 


Due to their small size and heavy usage, bathrooms can become messy, cluttered areas for many families. For those with smaller bathrooms, storage solutions can be even harder to find. Consider these organization tips to make your bathroom a clean and functional space for every member of the family: 

Assess the Mess 

Go through all the cabinets and drawers to clear out unused makeup, health care products and medications. Make sure the items you keep are used on a regular basis. Items used sparingly should be placed in an alternate location. 

Go Vertical 

Medicine cabinets can quickly get stuffed when combs, toothpaste and other toiletries are stored horizontally. Use organizer cups with suction adhesives to contain items vertically and save space. 

Hang Up in Style 

Old coat racks and ladders make perfect solutions for larger families to hang multiple towels. Snag an old one from a thrift store and paint it a bright hue, like red or turquoise, for a stylish bathroom accent piece. 

Avoid Spills and Squirts 

Hair products, such as gels, mousses or hairsprays, can create sticky, tough-to-clean messes if liquid escapes the container in a drawer or cabinet. Avoid such mishaps by placing these types of items in plastic tubs instead of directly in the drawer or on a shelf. 

Divide and Conquer 

Bathroom drawers can become unruly if not organized. To keep items separate and tidy, insert dividers, such as those used for kitchen utensils. These often come in fun materials, such as bamboo or stainless steel, to add a fresh look. 

Assign Cabinets or Drawer 

Try to use a large enough cabinet so each member of the family has his or her own space or drawer. This can help limit the amount of items high-maintenance family members can bring into the small area. Plus, it makes it easier for everyone to find their things. 

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