Rob Kerchner | Repeating the Cycle?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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In my 20s, I learned that Germans had banned “Mein Kampf” for fear of Nazis, just as Nazis had banned books a few decades earlier for fear of other Germans.

I remember thinking, how nutty is that? Didn’t they learn anything from that entire era? The threat isn’t Nazism. It’s control, as the Nazis aptly demonstrated.

But then in my 30s, Americans began to ban verbiage, too, starting with the dreaded “N-word,” a word so incredibly, amazingly, astoundingly powerful it cannot even be uttered, let alone published, and instead may only have its first letter given.

To complete the irony, the word became more widely used than ever before among rappers.

We’ve become even nuttier than the Germans, and we don’t even have the trauma of World War II to blame for it.

Rob Kerchner


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