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Letters to the Editor
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Arthur Saginian (letters, June 2) has suggested truth serum for all because everyone lies. But he says that this will be the end of democracy as we know it, within a week. He also states that “my left-wing bias is so palpable that a person could choke on it.” I disagree with both propositions.

It is doubtful that truth serum would trigger the end of democracy. It might be uncomfortable to be a MAGA Republican. Or Donald Trump. The world would be better on both counts. 

As for left-wing bias, I think of myself as left-center leaning. I am not for open borders, but favor work permits for those who apply for legal entry. I favor universal medical coverage. And reproductive rights for women. And free and open voting. I do not propose taking away guns, but think that the Second Amendment might need clarification on the right to open carry and own assault weapons. I favor vaccination requirements for school children and the workplace in a pandemic emergency. A strong military and support for Ukraine is absolutely necessary to protect our freedoms.

I disagree with this writer, who proposes that the voting age be increased to 30 because those under 30 cannot be trusted. I trust youth more than older adults who favor Trump or Ron DeSantis to be our next president. 

Thomas Oatway


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