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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Letters to the editor, Aug. 12.

I’m going to indulge Hilmar Rosenast’s declarations of what is fact and/or truth just this once, and just for the fun of it, because I can see no other reason to do it.

Hilmar’s Fact/Truth No. 1: Life begins at conception, not at any time later.

Arthur’s Indulgence: Yes, aborting a pregnancy at ANY point in time is the killing of a “life” as even the spermatozoa and the ovum are themselves “alive.” So what? I don’t think women enjoy getting abortions. From what I hear it’s scary and disturbing, but it’s the last resort to correct a mistake (or to save at least one life). Nobody’s perfect. And as for celibacy, I’d like to know just how many pregnancies have been aborted in convents, pregnancies that were the result of promiscuity between the nuns and the monks from a neighboring monastery. I wonder how they viewed life, abortion, or practicing what they preached. Humans will be human, right?

Hilmar’s Fact/Truth No. 2: Marriage is between a man and a woman; any other combination is incapable of procreation.

Arthur’s Indulgence: No, and no. First of all, procreation is not the sole purpose of marriage. Two “people” may get married for a variety of reasons. Also, quite soon procreation won’t even require two people anymore. The latest reproductive research is based on creating sperm and eggs from any cell in the body. It’s called in vitro gametogenesis, or IVG (look it up). If “God” gave us the wits to do that kind of stuff then so be it. Should we do it? Who knows, the point is we CAN.

Hilmar’s Fact/Truth No. 3: Gender is what you are born with. There is no other.

Arthur’s Indulgence: No, “sex” is what you are born with. A person’s sex determine’s if they are biologically male or female, and then there are hermaphrodites. Gender, on the other hand, is the “feeling” of being male, female, neither, both, or anything along that spectrum, regardless of your “sex.” 

 OK, that’s only one out of three correct. That’s a “FAIL” even if it was graded on a curve.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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