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Q I just saw that “Captain America” star Chris Evans got married. Is his wife an actress? The last serious relationship I remember him having was with Jenny Slate. I was hoping that would work out. (I loved her in “Parks and Recreation.”) 

— K.K. 

A  The last of the Hollywood Chrises has joined the other two (Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt) in wedded bliss by marrying his girlfriend, Alba Baptista, of almost two years during a ceremony in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Baptista is a Portuguese actress whose most recent English-language films are the charming film “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” and the Netflix action series “Warrior Nun.” 

As for Evans and Jenny Slate, their relationship has been over since early 2018. They first started dating in 2016 after filming the movie “Gifted.” He raved about her in interviews, saying “Sometimes you just meet the same animal, and that’s just [what it’s like] with Jenny.” 

Slate, who has been married before, found love again with writer and art curator Ben Shattuck. The couple wed last year and also have a little girl named Ida. While Evans and Slate made a cute couple, it appears they ultimately found happiness with others the way it was meant to be. 

Q When is the “Frasier” reboot debuting? Also, I’ve heard conflicting information about where it will air. Will it be on Peacock or Paramount? 

— E.J. 

A Kelsey Grammer returns to television as his iconic character Frasier Crane this fall on Paramount+. We first met the hilariously uptight psychiatrist on “Cheers.” He was then given his own equally successful spin-off in the former show of “Frasier,” a sitcom that won 37 Primetime Emmy Awards and continues to run in syndication and streaming to this day. Now Frasier returns to his roots in Boston for a new sitcom filmed before a live studio audience. Alas, the late John Mahoney is gone as Frasier’s cranky father, Martin, and David Hyde Pierce is reportedly not returning as Frasier’s brother, Niles. 

A two-episode premiere of the new “Fraiser” will debut on Paramount+ on Oct. 12 with weekly episodes to follow. It’s reported that the same episodes will also air on CBS on Oct. 17 as a special event, but viewers will have to subscribe to Paramount+ to watch the rest of the season. 

Q  What was the name of the funny show Ted Knight did where he had two beautiful daughters? There was also a hilarious guy who lived in the home, too, or at least nearby. 

— L.D. 

A You’re thinking of “Too Close for Comfort,” which starred Knight as a cartoonist whoworked out of his home in San Francisco. Nancy Dussault played his wife, and Lydia Cornell and Deborah Van Valkenburgh played his two grown daughters who rented the apartment below. Jim J. Bullock was a hoot as Monroe. 

The show changed its name and concept to “The Ted Knight Show” during its final season. Sadly, the sitcom ended in 1987 after Knight lost his battle with cancer at the age of 62. 

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