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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I would like to bring something to the attention of all those doomsday sayers, that global warming is playing out as this recent heatwave has caused so much concern. 

In the Aug. 19 Signal, John Boston’s article included the following: “August 19, 1933. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID HOT.

“One of the worst summer weeks on record struck the valley. Temperatures hovered over 110, with thick humidity. Before the sultry days and nights hit, we had a hot dry spell where two small cyclones touched down in town. One wrecked the local machine shop, tearing the roof off. The other bounced down the Main Street and tore out a full-grown tree. Locals were all complaining that it was too hot to stay indoors and too hot to stay outdoors.”

Now I’m not saying climate change is not happening, but I am saying we don’t have to fall for all false information we are given, just so the paid-off politicians can get richer.

“Free” solar panels, electric cars and windmills are not going to save the planet! But I guarantee they will make some people rich!

Again, I’m just sayin’!

Ron Perry

Canyon Country

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