Phyllis A. McKenna | In Defense of Men and Fathers

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This letter is in support of men in general and fathers in particular. It seems of late men are being portrayed in a negative light. There is talk of toxic masculinity, whatever that means, and television portrays men as not able to solve simple problems. However, the wife or significant other comes along and immediately solves the problem. Hooray for femininity.

I remember in the 1970s I purchased a few magazines published by the National Organization for Women’s icon, Gloria Steinem. I remember thinking to myself at the time, this publication would have me hating the other half of the human race, and I never purchased another magazine nor did I ever join NOW.

My father played an important role in my life. Unlike my mother, different, but just as important. My mother could yell at us to do something but we would drag our feet. My father came in and said, “Better do what your mother says,” and we would immediately comply like the angels we weren’t. My father taught me how to halter, bridle and saddle a horse as well as ride a horse. He taught me how to change a tire, check the oil and water, and change spark plugs. He taught me how to drive a car, a pickup, and a truck all with stick shifts. Our International truck’s gears were on the floor as I remember.

He taught us to be kind to animals. When one of our cats caught a bird, we would be upset but my father explained that was their nature, we couldn’t change that. He was also brutally honest and if someone gave him the wrong change, he would make sure to rectify that the next time he was in town. We lived 30 miles out of town on a ranch.

When we were out riding he would always stress the importance of getting a good education. They may be able to take your house, your car, or other possessions away from you but never your education.

We were also taught how to load, clean and shoot a gun. We learned basic gun safety, like never point a gun at another human being unless in the case of self-defense. Many in my family, including my nieces, still hunt on a regular basis — deer, elk, turkeys, pheasants and antelope. Not my cup of tea. 

So in general, men and fathers must be honored and cherished. When the “woke crowd” portrays them in a negative light, then fight back. Which reminds me, I had best learn where the dipstick is and where the spare tire is in my new car. Thank God for AAA.

Phyllis A. McKenna

Stevenson Ranch

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