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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In re: Thomas Oatway, “An Absence of Critical Thinking,” letters, Sept. 30. 

Just for the record, Mr. Oatway, Rep. Mike Garcia, who was actually in the Capitol on that infamous Jan. 6 day, immediately condemned the violence and the people committing it. If you ever bothered to do actual research you would know that. 

And on your other point about questioning the election results of certain states, Rep. Garcia, along with numerous other elected officials doing their due diligence as they are supposed to do as our elected representatives, accurately pointed out that the governors who unilaterally changed their states’ balloting procedures were in violation of their own constitutions. When those cases went to the courts for a ruling it was determined that the governors in these case were operating within their authority due to the unique health concerns in place at the time. When the court released its decision, Rep. Garcia immediately announced that he would honor the court’s ruling and move on. He did not bad-mouth the court nor did he head to social media to complain about it. 

Objections to election results are nothing new and it has been going on since the founding of this country by both parties. For recent ones, from Jill Terreri Ramos, PolitiFact.com: “Attempts to object to election results have been made in some fashion by House Democrats in 2001, 2005 and 2017, following the successful campaigns of George W. Bush and Donald Trump, both Republicans. One senator supported the objection in 2005, though the Senate and the House ultimately did not uphold that objection.”  

Rep. Garcia may not be everyone’s “cup of tea,” but I would question the underlying motives of anyone claiming that he is dishonest or a wacko right-wing hack like Mr. Oatway does on these pages very frequently. 

Rick Barker 


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