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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As Austin Wright wrote in the letter published on Nov. 25, “I come to you with a heavy heart, burdened by the growing concerns that” some people seem not to understand how to interact and access our local education resources.

The letter laments that “parents are often left in the dark about what our children at being taught in schools.” The letter insinuates that there are few policies that promote dialogue and transparency; that there is no access to information about curriculum, activities and ideologies; and that parents are prevented from participating.

As a parent of four, all of whom attended their first six years in Sulphur Springs Union School District and the last six in the William S. Hart Union High School District, I never for a second felt in the dark and in fact appreciated how accessible our teachers, administrators and even school boards were at any given time.

Why? Because I chose to be involved; I chose to be informed. I attended just about every back-to-school; open house; parent teacher conference; award ceremony; performance; game and most importantly, I was involved and engaged with the school administrators and teachers. At Pinetree, I was on the site council and volunteered in the library; at Sierra Vista I was also on the site council; and at Canyon High was on the parent advisory committee. Additionally, I spend a few years on the Measure V bond committee and the district advisory committee as a representative for a Hart board member. 

The most valuable experience was attending many Hart district board meetings and gaining a greater understanding of what it takes to run a district. As a member of the Measure V committee, I was assigned to “cover” the board and any business related to funding related to the bond money. I realized there are no secrets; no conspiracies; no hidden agendas. There were only involved citizens like you and me, spending their personal time trying their hardest to make the best decision possible.

Although not stated clearly, and unless I completely don’t understand, I believe this letter was in support of the LGBTQ+ proposed parental notification policy. Currently there is no policy; not because parents don’t have right to know, it is because it hadn’t been necessary and, as far as I am concerned, is still not necessary. The lack of policy isn’t infringing on parental rights; it is because it is not the purpose of educators to get involved in personal family matters unless dictated by various legal statutes.

I believe if a parent is aware; involved, engaged in their child’s life, they will have a pretty good understanding of the “preferences” of their child. If a school district needs to inform the parent because the parent is oblivious, then that is a completely different conversation and not under the purview of our local school districts.

If any parent feels “left in the dark,” it is because they either choose not to be involved or aren’t paying attention. Yes, we all have busy lives and certainly have many commitments; but it is not the fault of the education system if a parent doesn’t get involved. Personally, I would prefer my family to be involved in the education system, rather than the education system be involved in my family.

Be involved. Attend a meeting. 

Brian Springer

Canyon Country

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