Child & Family Center receives $15,000 grant for mental health services

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Child & Family Center has received a $15,000 grant from the Boston Scientific Foundation to support mental health services for children, youth and adults who don’t have any insurance.   

Child & Family Center primarily serves low-income families who otherwise do not have access to mental health and substance use services. Clients without insurance are primarily those whose Medi-Cal has lapsed, undocumented immigrants, recently divorced individuals who received coverage through a spouse, and others facing challenges navigating the complex health insurance system, according to a release from the center. 

Grant funds from the foundation will enable clients without insurance to receive services at the center, rather than deferring service until a source of payment is in place or the client going without therapy services entirely. It ensures continuity for those in treatment whose insurance lapses and ensures timely service for new clients. The center’s goal is for 90% of clients to obtain services within 15 days of inquiry, the release said. 

Clients requiring mental health treatment commonly have anxiety/stress disorders, depression and bipolar disorder, behavioral disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and/or substance abuse disorders, the release said. A large proportion of the center’s clients suffer from the ramifications of child abuse, abandonment, domestic violence or other childhood trauma. 

While meeting the need in the community will be an ongoing process, the ultimate objective is to reduce the behavioral health barriers that prevent children and their families from succeeding in school, in careers, and in all facets of their lives, the release said. The networks of support provided helps to increase their access to housing, education, employment and other essential needs. 

“Our services routinely keep families together, reduce the incidence of suicides and domestic violence, and enable individuals to overcome their life circumstances to become happy, productive members of the community,” center CEO Nikki Buckstead said in the release. “We are so grateful to the Boston Scientific Foundation for their generous support in helping us deliver on our mission.” 

The mission of the Boston Scientific Foundation is to improve health and unlock educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged people, with an emphasis on communities in the United States where Boston Scientific employees live and work. Boston Scientific has offices in Valencia.

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