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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Last week our country experienced its 36th mass shooting since the beginning of the year. When Sandy Hook occurred in 2012 and 26 innocent people, including children, were murdered, we all thought gun control would be enacted to prevent such an atrocity from happening again. But our legislators have not managed to pass a law that would prevent mass murders. Mass murders continue. Children are slaughtered. Congressmen like our own Mike Garcia, who is supported by the National Rifle Association, offer thoughts and prayers. Why do we continue to elect these kinds of insensitive legislators?

Democrat George Whitesides, former chief of staff at NASA under Barack Obama, is running for the position held by Mike Garcia. If you are interested in bringing back sensible governing to our country, led by sensitive and intelligent people who choose to protect innocent lives rather than be subsidized by the gun industry, who choose to uphold the laws that keep us a country to be admired rather than one whose government is in shambles, please vote for George Whitesides as your representative in our district. Please help us to get our beloved country back on track. Please help us save innocent lives.

Diane Duarte Babko


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