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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I would like to add to Suzette Valladeres’ brilliant column (Nov. 4) about gas prices and taxes. It is people like Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and our own insane Gov. Gavin Newsom who want us to believe we are experiencing a precipitous drop in gas prices. 

They will say, “Look, they’ve dropped to $4.95 per gallon, be happy.” They allow gas in California to rise faster than a SpaceX rocket to an obscene $6-$7 per gallon. They let people complain and suffer for months. Then they pull back and let prices drop a little at a time until they reach $4.95. It is an old psychological ploy. In whose demented world is $4.95 a gallon something to crow about? 

My niece recently texted a picture of a gas pump near St. Louis. It read $2.80 per gallon. Last time I checked, there are no Oildales, Elk Hills or offshore drilling in Missouri. Can anyone explain that difference in price? The cost of oil in Missouri and South Carolina is the same as it is here. Don’t let anyone convince you $5 a gallon is a reasonable price. Until it reaches $2.80 a gallon in California, you should join Suzette and call out “Bedazzled by China” Gov. Newsom and demand a real and prolonged precipitous drop in gas prices. 

Larry Moore


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