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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Response to Gary Horton column, Jan 3, “Are We Who We Think We Are?” 

Never ceases to amaze, the distortions and half truths. Almost immediately after rambling on about a painting, which is called “Am I Who I think I Am,” then his Donald Trump derangement syndrome starts: “Again, we find ourselves with a serious Trump threat against America’s democracy and decency, and against many of the national characteristics that had us believing in our ‘exceptionalism.’”  

He disregards Trump asking the people on Jan. 6 to be peaceful, and the release of the full tapes shows how untruthful the biased Jan. 6 committee was. It was not a coordinated insurrection as the major media and Democrats have said. Yes, there was some disturbance, but to call it insurrection is laughable! 

Truth is, they wanted something to, pardon the expression, “trump up” charges with the biased media to paint the group as anti-America, which is far from the truth, and blame President Trump for the cause.

He then characterizes Trump’s statements  about what’s going on in our judicial and presidential system as fascist commentary. When you don’t have the truth, label your opponent as a Nazi or fascist.

Years ago we vetted people through Ellis Island. They didn’t just walk through our borders. So the quotation he used from the plaque at the Statue of Liberty is not applicable to our current lawless administration. No country can survive without border security. How many have come across with bad intentions? Yes, known terrorists are here, not for good will. We will rue the day when they act. How many citizens will have to die?

As far as when he mentions dehumanizing the huddled masses: The mess at the border with the drug cartels trafficking humans, people dying and fentanyl pouring across the border — what could be more dehumanizing?

And why is this not nightly news?

His final note is we must vote according to our core values of decency. What is decent about the current administration trying to block a candidate from being on the ballot with two false impeachments and the false Russian hoax, and false charges of election interference? If the Democrats could, they would jail Trump without due process much like they have done with Jan. 6 defendants. Many still in jail with no recourse. Shameful! This is Third World banana republic stuff. If not, what do you call it?

This is not core American values. Truth-seeking, unbiased reporting, not violating First Amendment rights, due process — these are constitutional rights and used to be core values! The current administration in charge seeks power and control and anyone who wants to challenge them is considered not valid.

Michael Molacek

Santa Clarita

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