How to Find Phone Numbers of Property Owners 

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Finding the phone numbers of property owners can be a crucial step for various professionals. You may be a real estate investor, and you have found a gem of a property. You want to get involved without delay, but the owner is hard to reach. Maybe you are a marketer looking to pitch a sale for your client’s services. 

Sometimes, the phone number listed is inactive or incorrect. Finding the property owner’s correct phone number can be a head-scratcher, but not with our list of solutions. 

We have compiled a list of easy ways to find the phone numbers of property owners so you can streamline your work without the hassle. 

Ways to Find Property Owner’s Phone Numbers 

Below, we explore several effective ways to find property owner’s phone numbers. 

Public Records 

Public records are an excellent starting point. These documents maintained by local government agencies provide information about property ownership. Here’s how to use them: 

  • Where to Look: Visit your local county clerk’s or recorder’s office. Some localities might also have online portals where you can access these records. 
  • What to Look For: Request property deed records or property tax records. These documents often list the owner’s name and sometimes include contact information. 
  • Tips: Be prepared to pay a small fee for copying records. Also, office hours might be limited, so check in advance. 

Online People Search Tools 

Online people search tools are websites that gather data from various public records and databases, making it easier to search for people’s contact information. While some are paid, you can find reliable free people finder tools online. Here’s how to use them effectively: 

  • How to Use: Enter the property owner’s full name and other known information (like the property address) into the search tool. 
  • Pros and Cons: These tools can quickly provide phone numbers, but the information may not be up-to-date. Always cross-reference the data you find. 

Online County Tax Assessor Records 

Many county tax assessors have online databases where you can search for property information. This method is straightforward and uses official records, making it a reliable option. 

  • Accessing Records: Most counties have online databases. Visit the county tax assessor’s website and enter the property address. 
  • What You’ll Find: These records typically include the owner’s name and may list contact information. 
  • Additional Information: Tax records can also give you insight into the property’s tax history, which can be useful for understanding its value. 

Real Estate Websites 

Real estate listing websites usually contain the real estate agent’s contact information. You can get the owner’s number through them, or if you are lucky, you might directly contact the owner. 

  • How to Search: Enter the property address on websites like Zillow,, or Redfin. 
  • What to Expect: While they mainly focus on properties for sale or rent, you might find the owner’s name and a way to contact them, especially if they’re listing the property themselves. 

Social Media 

Finding numbers through social media platforms is rare, as most people restrict it to their followers only. However, they can occasionally lead you to property owners. 

  • Searching Social Media: Use the owner’s name in the search bar of platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. 
  • Respecting Privacy: If you find a profile that matches, check if they’ve listed their contact information publicly. Remember to respect privacy and avoid sending unsolicited messages. 

In-Person Property Records Search 

Sometimes, the traditional method of an in-person search can yield the best results. Consider visiting your local county recorder’s office. Searching through physical records can be time-consuming but might uncover details unavailable online. 

  • Visiting the Office: Go to the county recorder’s or assessor’s office where the property is located. 
  • Navigating Records: Ask for assistance in searching through property records or deeds. Staff can often guide you to the right documents. 
  • Why It Works: Physical records might contain details that haven’t been digitized, giving you more complete information. 

Finding Property Owner’s Phone Number Without Hassle 

Contacting the property owner can be an urgent matter. After all, no one wants to miss a golden opportunity in this fast-paced world. We have discussed several practical and effective methods to help you in your search. You don’t have to rely on one source for the correct information. Combining these approaches and being thorough in your search will enhance your chances of finding the right phone numbers. 

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