Paul McGuire | Perhaps the Punks DO Feel Lucky

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Signal headline: “Ulta Beauty Gets Hit During Off Hours.” Funny, usually they do it during the day.

How many times has this place been robbed since the pandemic began? At least a dozen. When are they, and other retail stores who are consistently robbed by smash-and-grab thugs, going to get armed security guards? Until some of these punks start getting shot in the face, nothing will change. 

Assembly Bill 47 has literally invited miscreants to steal as long as they don’t exceed a thousand bucks’ worth of stuff. Thank you, California politicians who let crime pay.

As the history of mankind has shown, bad people understand only one thing: force. Are stores just afraid to arm security guards? Because if one of them kills some lowlife THEY will be prosecuted? This is what The Left has wrought. The criminal is treated better than the law-abiding citizen.

Where’s Dirty Harry when you need him.

Paul McGuire

Canyon Country

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