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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

How convenient that E. Jean Carroll should wait 20-plus years to report something that was so horrific to her. Twenty-plus years to report an episode that “changed” her life. What kind of joke is this?

This is a woman who says she was raped by Donald Trump. This is a woman who would have you believe she hated it — if it happened at all. This is a woman who didn’t even prove that he seduced her yet alone raped her.

Why did she wait so long to bring charges? Why does it hurt her so much now and it didn’t 20-plus years ago? Why didn’t the judge make her prove Mr. Trump raped her?

Why are liberals, and the press, so quick to believe Ms. Carroll, yet they didn’t believe Paula Jones (Bill Clinton) or Tara Reade (Joe Biden)? Do they really hate Mr. Trump that much? I can’t even imagine that kind of hate.

Reading the portion of her book, “What do We Need Men For: A Modest Proposal,” that is printed in New York Magazine, Ms. Carroll sounds like a braggart, talking about the 21 most hideous men she has known. Funny how she is the common denominator.

Methinks thou protests too much!

Ron Perry

Canyon Country

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