‘Cityscapes and Streetscapes’ in City Hall gallery

Image courtesy of the city of Santa Clarita.
Image courtesy of the city of Santa Clarita.

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The city of Santa Clarita latest art exhibition, “Cityscapes and Streetscapes,” is on display in the First Floor Gallery within Santa Clarita City Hall (23920 Valencia Blvd.).  

This showcase will run through Wednesday, June 5, with a special reception event planned for 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, March 8. 

“Cityscapes and Streetscapes” showcases the nuanced perspectives of city living through various artistic mediums, as seen in Mark Foster’s textured paintings, Robert Gideon’s black and white photography and Gevork Sherbetchyan’s sublime digital painting.  

Exploring the dynamic and evolving narrative of urban landscapes and the intricate streets that weave through them, these curated artworks capture the essence of city life in its myriad of forms, from the quiet street corners pictured in Therese Verner’s “Street Vendor in Paros” to the bustling populated streets in Gary Friedman’s “On the Street” watercolor painting.  

“These selected artworks contribute visually to the compelling narrative that speaks not just to the aesthetics of cityscapes and streetscapes but also to the human experiences and stories they encompass,” read a news release from the city. 

The city is hosting the Friday evening reception dedicated to discussing the featured artwork while also getting to know the artists behind the pieces. Guests will be treated to refreshments and live music throughout the evening.  

To learn more about “Cityscapes and Streetscapes” and upcoming art opportunities with the city of Santa Clarita, contact Stephanie Jacinto at [email protected]

Exhibiting artists include: Al Miller, Edessa Daliva, Faye Abharian, Gary Friedman, Gautam Misra, Gevork Sherbetchyan, Jane Mick, Jennifer St. Jude, Lana Dandan, Laurie Morgan, Mark Foster, Matthew Markum, Neil Rivas, Robert Gideon, Robert Koss, Scott Sager, Taylor Caliz, Taylor McCarrey, Therese Verner, Thomas Valle Stallman and Rigo Iglesias. 

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