Glenda Yakel | Why Won’t They Discuss Mascot?

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Letters to the Editor
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The following letter was written before Hart High School’s new mascot, the Hawks, was announced, but it was not received in time to be published before Tuesday’s announcement.

Regarding the recent William S. Hart Union High School District meeting of March 13, I would like to express my gratitude to board member Joe Messina for his efforts in addressing the issue of Hart High School’s Indian mascot and advocating for its discussion. It is commendable that he pushed for this matter to be placed back on the calendar, demonstrating a commitment to open dialogue and community engagement. For those interested, the meeting video is available for viewing on YouTube.

Reflecting on past meetings, it’s worth noting certain occurrences that shed light on the dynamics surrounding this issue. First and foremost, I must momentarily divert our attention to an incident from previous meetings: At the 2:57-hour mark, board member Bob Jensen’s voice rang out, urging, “Let’s get a move on it, it’s 10 o’clock.” Despite this, it is noteworthy that there were still speakers waiting to be heard. Additionally, at 3:03 hours into the video, a member of the Tataviam tribe raised the issue of the mascot once again. It appears that board member Erin Wilson was the only other member demonstrating interest in discussing the mascot. Conversely, Linda Storli and Cherise Moore have consistently opposed adding this subject to the calendar, prompting questions about their motivations.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to highlight the events of 2021 when an activist compelled a vote on the mascot issue during Moore’s board presidency. This decision, made in the presence of hundreds of Santa Clarita Valley residents, was deemed erroneous by many. The insistence on avoiding discussion or placing the issue on the calendar seems unjustified, given the community’s vested interest in the matter.

Glenda Yakel 

Canyon Country

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