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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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I was encouraged with the results of Tuesday’s vote for L.A. County District Attorney. If you add Nathan Hochman and Jonathan Hatami together, that is 30.16% to George Gascón’s 22.8%. If you add other anti-Gascón candidates’ percentages, the gap becomes even larger. That is good news for Angelenos. As Hochman so astutely stated, “The Golden Age of Criminals is coming to an end.” My question is, who in God’s name voted for Gascón? I have never spoken to any person who supports Gascón and his pro-criminal, anti-public safety policies. Is there some secret coven of virtue-signaling left-wing lunatics living in Los Angeles who hate the police until they have a burglar at their mansion door? Who are these people? 

(Also), I cannot refrain from once again commenting on Gary Horton’s one-sided, mostly-everything-wrong column, “Please Shift Forward, Not in Reverse.” His rapture of Joe Biden sitting in his vintage Corvette in his signature Ray Bans is appallingly stunning. If Biden was actually driving that Corvette, the police would have to remove all traffic from the road so the doddering, mentally unfocused old man wouldn’t run into them. If Doctor Jill was truly compassionate, she would take away his car keys. 

And Gary, your D-N-R analogy is hardly original and lacking in validity. Rather than R standing for a reverse-leaning Republican party, I am going to change the R to Rejoice, rejoice that the four-year tyranny of the failed Biden administration is about to come to an end. Brian Richards and John Boston eloquently covered the specifics of that last week. I am going to change the D in your mythical forward-leaning Democrat party from Drive to Depressing. The majority of Americans are depressed when confronted with the mess Biden has made of our country in just three and a half short years. Yes, he has been working at it full time, which is why the downturn of America has happened so quickly. And no, Gary, our nostalgia for the past doesn’t necessarily go back to the 1950s, although 25 cent a gallon gas would be nice. We long for a time just eight years ago when a man was elected president who did what he promised he would do. A man who brought peace and prosperity to our nation, and, when reelected, will do it again. You can now Rejoice in knowing that. 

Larry Moore

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