Stephen Maseda | Alternatives to Horton’s D and R

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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I just finished reading the March 6 Gary Horton column. I find myself wondering how someone can work himself into such a non-serious state of mind that he makes such silly, uninformed statements with a straight face. As for words that start with D, there are deceptive, disastrous, dementia, delusional, devastating and dangerous, to name but a few. As for a concept, there is “drive off a cliff.” As for words that start with R, there are reality, remediate, rectify and rejuvenate, again, to name but a few. It’s a silly little game, I know, but it reflects the non-serious nature of Mr. Horton’s comments — most of which are also demonstrably false. But then truth has never been a feature of political rhetoric.

To bookend the Opinion page, we have Mr. Jim Haley’s letter, which asserts that unlimited illegal immigration is always a positive for our economy and anyone who objects to it is a “racist bigot.” I assume he is including mayors Eric Adams of New York and Brandon Johnson of Chicago and to the poorer residents of those cities who are objecting to unlimited illegal immigration as negatively affecting the economic well-being of their cities and the poorer residents who are objecting to the diversion of funding from the poor to these illegal immigrants. 

Stephen Maseda

Santa Clarita

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