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Letters to the Editor
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I have devised a short test to identify how you stand on presidential politics. Here it goes: 

1. Does anyone: A) who was indicted for crimes in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot deserve prosecution; or were they: B) American patriots who were there for a peaceful protest?

2. Was there: A) minimal fraudulent voting in the 2020 election of Joe Biden, or B) substantial enough illegal voting to swing the election result?

3. Was Nikki Haley: A) innocent of the charge that she was in charge of security on Jan. 6, or B) negligent in not summoning the National Guard to protect the Capitol?

4. Was Barack Obama: A) born in Hawaii and a U.S. citizen eligible to become president, or B) born in Kenya and ineligible to be president?

5. Is Vladimir Putin: A) a thug and guilty of war crimes for his illegal and brutal invasion of Ukraine, or B) a smart and savvy politician who was justified in taking back a country that was once in the Soviet Union?

6. Should A) the NATO alliance be obligated to protect all NATO members, or B) invite Putin and Russia to invade any country that does not meet financial guidelines for military spending?

7. Is Joe Biden: A) innocent of high crimes and misdemeanors, or B) a criminal president deserving of impeachment?

8. Is it: A) a crime to falsify business records and make improper valuations of properties for the purpose of getting favorable loans, or B) are these things done all of the time by real estate businesses and OK if the lenders are paid back their loans in full?

9. Is it: A) a federal crime to take classified documents from the White House, and obstruct justice when the authorities subpoena them to be returned, or B) it is OK to keep classified materials in a private residence if there is Secret Service protection for the former president to protect them from enemy agents?

10. Can a president be prosecuted for attempting to enlist a secretary of state of Georgia to “find enough votes to win an election,” or B.) is it OK to try to find votes because obviously there were thousands of illegal votes cast for the opponent, even if the proof is difficult or impossible to produce?

If you voted B five or less times, you are not sufficiently patriotic. If you voted B as many as seven times, you can be MAGA forgiven if you contribute a thousand dollars to the Trump 2024 Presidential Campaign. If you voted nine times for B, you are a loyal MAGA Republican. If you voted B for all 10 questions, you ARE Donald J. Trump.

Thomas Oatway


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