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Things To Know Before Moving To SUFFOLK, VA 


Simply embarking on the journey of moving to Suffolk, VA is akin to starting an exciting chapter in a book called Life. It is not just a geographical location; it is a vibrant community ready to welcome you with open arms.  

Maybe you envision living in its serene environment or perhaps its historical stories attract much appeal for newcomers and those who have been frequent movers alike. 

Think of yourself as part of a city with a harmonious fusion of contemporary amenities and bucolic beauty when considering relocation to Suffolk, VA. The biggest city in Virginia by land area is unlike any other place: here, it’s an interesting intersection between town melee and country peace.  

It’s still growing and it has never forgotten about its historical roots. Welcoming communities, varied housing options, strong employment opportunities, and excellent schools – all these make it one of the best places for singles and families who want a high-quality life combined with prosperity.  

Relocating to Suffolk, VA does not just mean changing your address but rather commencing an adventure in an urban center full of possibilities. 

The Climate 

Upon arriving in Suffolk, VA for the first time, the climate either greets you with a warm embrace or cool breeze depending on what season it is.  

A humid subtropical climate characterizes this area which implies that summers are very hot and humid making them perfect for beach trips or simply lazing around near poolsides whereas winters are mild hence snowfall rarely occurs throughout most years. 

The winters in Suffolk are relatively mild thus they serve mainly as reminders rather than intrusions into the seasons. Sometimes though it does snow in Suffolk turning everything into a winter wonderland even if only for a short while.  

Quite picturesque but also means having enough warm clothes including reliable winter coat(s) and maybe even shovels for snow removal. 

Housing & Neighborhoods 

Suffolk’s housing market is as dynamic as its land; it has everything from historic homes with centuries of age to the sleekness and modernity of new construction.  

For those who want a suburban feel without losing touch with contemporary amenities, places like Harbour View among others will provide that.  

On the other hand, downtown Suffolk attracts those who love historical architecture and feel like they are living in another era. 

Choosing where to live in Suffolk is a very personal decision based on lifestyle preferences. Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of city life or do you enjoy peace? Whatever your preference, Suffolk caters to all, making sure every newcomer can easily identify themselves within its different neighborhoods. 

Cost of Living 

Suffolk, VA, is a study of slight variation in terms of cost of living that merges affordability with some expenses that can go beyond the national norms. At 99.8 on the cost of living index, Suffolk therefore becomes an economically viable area for many people across the country.  

This figure represents the average value of a collection of household goods ranging from food and health to shelter, utilities, transportation, and other expenses like recreation compared to those costs in the whole U.S. which alone are given an index score of 100.  

Suffolk has low housing prices considering that the median home price stands at $335,700 which is less than what many people would pay if they were to buy houses elsewhere in the U.S. Hence Suffolk would be appealing especially for first-time home buyers who want value as they move into a rising city. 

Crime Rate 

Suffolk’s crime statistics reflect both unremarkable normality and some anxiety depending on what kind of crime is being considered.  

Generally speaking, according to NeighborhoodScout, this city has a higher crime rate than most American ones but it significantly distinguishes between violent offenses and theft crimes through its classification system.  

In particular, NeighborhoodScout reports that there are 23 crimes per 1000 residents annually committed by Suffolk citizens making it not one of the best but still above average when it comes to crime rates among all communities within America. 

This means that one out of every forty-four individuals in Suffolk can become either a victim of property or violent offense thereby giving it an unsafe rating compared with 83% percent of cities/towns in Virginia​​. 

Employment Opportunities 

The economy of Suffolk presents itself as a quilt made up of several sectors including healthcare services providers etc.  

Being part of the Hampton Roads metropolitan region with a vibrant military industry base provides tremendous advantages for our local community residents through job creation.  

Concerning the security sector and technology, having proximity to such connections ensures numerous job opportunities hence career-oriented employees or those with ties to the military prefer to live in Suffolk. 

If you are thinking of moving to Suffolk, try dipping your toes into the job market. It would be helpful to seek employment or acquire a position before transitioning into this vibrant city. 

Education and Schools 

When deciding whether or not to move their families to Suffolk, parents reflect on the quality of education. Suffolk Public Schools is a large district that includes many public schools ensuring high-quality education from K-12.  

However, besides these governmental institutions, different private schools provide alternative learning paths for diverse interests and special needs. 

The area immediately surrounding Suffolk contains numerous colleges and universities providing plenty of opportunities for higher learning thus academic advancement has been made easier.  

Furthermore, its commitment to education enhances the value of the community around it, turning it into an ideal place where families want to settle. 


To get around in Suffolk means being aware of the distance between places that can only be covered by one’s car as well as other motor vehicles.  

Nevertheless, efforts are underway to make transportation systems more accessible and convenient through improved development projects across all wards within the city. 

Meanwhile, major highways and streets run through the town translating it as part of Hampton Roads hence making commutes easy by connecting residents living here with a larger community outside. 

There is also Norfolk International Airport which is just a short drive away from new homes in Virginia Beach or Chesapeake if you require traveling further than that serving as both a local and international transit hub. 

Leisure and Recreation 

Suffolk offers a lot of activities for leisure and recreation. The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is a place where people interested in nature can hike, bike, or watch wildlife for as long as they want to. 

 The Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts has brought many exhibitions, events, and shows in the town of Suffolk thus making it a center of arts. 

The annual Peanut Fest is one event that no one would want to miss in their social calendar this year if you live in Suffolk. It signifies the city’s ability to blend modern living with traditional practices. 


Suffolk thrives on its community. Such a linked atmosphere prospers through events like festivals, and farmers’ markets among other functions that bring them together now and then. “We welcome you!” says Suffolk, whether it is about charities playing sports or forming groups with hobbyists. 

It’s more than just shifting location but becoming part of a neighborhood that appreciates warmth, embraces inclusivity, and shares communal values when coming to Suffolk.  

To call it home means that there is something special in the hearts of people beyond scenic landscapes or historical streets; this makes it charming. 


This comprehensive guide to moving to Suffolk, VA, it clear why this charming city has become a beloved destination for those seeking a new place to call home.  

With its blend of historic charm, modern amenities, and vibrant community life, Suffolk, VA, stands out as a top choice for individuals and families looking to make a fresh start.  

The city’s ability to offer a serene lifestyle while providing access to a bustling community atmosphere is a rare find, making it an attractive option for movers in Suffolk, VA.  

This unique combination ensures that everyone, from young professionals to retirees, finds something to love about Suffolk. 

In just one sentence, it’s the harmonious blend of past and present, coupled with a welcoming and diverse community, that makes people fall in love with moving to Suffolk, VA, time and time again. 

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