Best Private Schools in Cyprus: Detailed Overview and Ranking


Education in Cyprus is considered one of the best in the world, especially concerning secondary education. The emphasis is placed on the child’s personality, immunity to challenges from the modern world, and the formation of worldview, which will create ideal living conditions for the future member of society. All that’s needed is to find the optimal school, and a special rating in this case will help. 

Programs of Private Schools 

Before making a choice, it’s necessary to consider that there are schools with intensive English language learning, schools with a humanitarian focus, as well as schools preparing for IB and British Curriculum. IB is an international course used in more than 125 countries worldwide. The system was first developed in Switzerland over 50 years ago and has several features: 

– Development of critical thinking; 

– Global perspective on the learning process; 

– Acquisition of information search skills; 

– Writing texts; 

– Mandatory volunteer work. 

The British Curriculum system is a classic English program where a child must choose a specialization in high school, while a wide range of disciplines is studied in primary and middle school. Thanks to this approach, the child understands in advance what they want to study in the future and specializes in it. 

School Overview 

One of the best options is boarding schools, where not only education is offered but also comfortable living conditions for students. 

Trinity Private School 

This school practices comprehensive child development, with the Trinity Food concept and a large number of its own projects. All programs at the Limassol International School are developed according to international standards. This is a good example of a day school where students can also receive individual lessons depending on the student’s preferences. 

Pascal Private English School 

There are primary and middle programs, and teaching principles are based on British standards. This is a good example of a school preparing for A-level or IB. High school students must choose a course in advance. Life in the boarding school is available from the age of 12. 

International School of Paphos 

One of the most beautiful institutions located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Regardless of the stage of education, the British system is applied. Students can start living in the boarding school from the age of 11. 

Xenion Boarding School 

An example of a school with a mathematical focus, where the British education system is also applied. From time to time, students visit numerous interesting places, including zoos, water parks, go on hikes, and more. 

American Academy Limassol 

Despite its name, the British education system is also used, and the academic performance in this school is one of the best. 

Schools with Russian Language Instruction 

Separate attention should be given to such institutions. These include the Russian school in Paphos, the school at the Embassy of Russia in Cyprus, as well as the private school “Morfosis.” Many of these institutions have a multinational educational environment, allowing students to meet unique people. 


In Cyprus, you can choose schools with intensive IT study, schools preparing for GCSE, schools with individualized learning, and many other institutions with different directions. Comfortable living conditions are offered to all students, with the opportunity to join sports clubs, study computer science, history, geography, and other sciences. Cyprus international schools are the foundation of comprehensive preparation for adult life. 

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