How do you choose the ideal car for a large family?


A big family is always a big responsibility. Its head bears many responsibilities, from creating comfortable living conditions to providing relatives with quality transport. The latter should be selected based on standard criteria, which were previously adapted to the requirements of a large family. Let’s look at them together and imagine the ideal car. 

Purpose of the car 

Regardless of whether you buy vehicles at Hawaii auto salvage yards or similar sites in other American states, you need to know in advance what you want to use them for. Universal models will be the best option if you have a large family. They will be able to satisfy the needs of all relatives and provide the opportunity to travel any distance. 

If your needs are limited to short trips (for example, grocery shopping at the supermarket, to school, to work), choosing relatively small models is better. In such cases, you are unlikely to put all your relatives in the car simultaneously so that a compact 5-seater vehicle will be enough. However, if you plan to travel outside the city or use the vehicle for family trips, then try to choose a model that can accommodate as many passengers as the number of family members you regularly take with you. 

Body type 

Today, most people have access to cars of any body type. One should be chosen depending on the frequency of transport use and the purposes of the most frequent trips. A hatchback or sedan will be optimal for families, as the car will leave the garage daily. Models with this body type will perfectly cope with short and long trips and allow each family member to feel comfortable. 

For very large families, 7—or 8-seat minivans are the right choice. They will accommodate all children and adults and leave plenty of space for personal belongings. The latter can also be placed in the trunk, which is always quite voluminous in most minivans. Minibusses will be the only available option if your family consists of 9 or more people. Only they will make it possible to transport all relatives simultaneously. 

Another popular option for large families is crossovers. Many have a third row of seats, so there is enough space in the cabin for everyone. These cars will allow travel and overcome roads with poor surfaces. In addition, most crossovers have high safety ratings, which is especially important when transporting many people. 

Family financial capabilities 

Setting a spending limit right away is essential when choosing a family car. It is determined individually for each specific case, making it possible to narrow the search for a suitable vehicle significantly. This is especially important for families with limited financial resources who cannot afford to buy the first model they like. 

When choosing the maximum acceptable price for a car, it is essential to take into account the income of all working family members, monthly expenses for food, rent, payment for various services, as well as mandatory financial costs associated with the need to prepare multiple documents for future transport (for example, insurance costs). This approach will make it possible to determine the optimal price of the car so that your family will not experience financial difficulties in the months after making an expensive purchase. If your large family has very little money, buying vehicles at the online auctions mentioned earlier is the best solution. There, you can find models to suit any financial capabilities. 

Interior and trunk space 

For large families, such a criterion as the spaciousness of the car interior is essential. It determines how many people can fit in the transport simultaneously and how comfortable they will feel there. In this regard, large families are most often recommended to buy 7- or 8-seater cars. There will be a place for all people and their personal belongings. In families with nine or more people, transport that can accommodate up to 15 people (minibusses) will be required. 

In addition to the interior’s spaciousness, it is essential to pay attention to the similar trunk characteristics. Cars intended for large families should have a volume of 500-600 liters. This space is enough to accommodate large bags, various children’s accessories (toys, strollers, bicycles) and personal items that do not fit in the cabin. Models with an even larger trunk volume are advisable for families who plan to travel long distances frequently. If the car is used exclusively for short trips, then a 400-liter trunk will be sufficient. 

Degree of safety for the driver and passengers 

The more people in the car, the higher the likelihood that one will distract the driver’s attention from the road. In this regard, you should buy models full of modern control assistance systems for large families. Thanks to such developments, the safety of the driver and passengers will significantly increase, and the risk of an emergency will be minimal. 

For large families with children, it is necessary to choose cars with many unique additions that will enable even the most minor passengers to travel safely over short and long distances. The most useful will be unique mounts for child seats, a door locking system (prevents them from accidentally opening while driving) and much more. 

Of course, the car you choose must be equipped with traditional airbags. They will give the driver and passenger greater confidence and help save lives in a serious accident. Ideally, airbags should be accessible to everyone inside the vehicle. 

Comfort level 

Comfort is an essential component of the reliability and safety of a car. During trips, each family member’s fatigue and well-being depend on it. To ensure the required level of comfort, the selected vehicle must have the most comfortable seats (preferably moderately complex and with the correct anatomical shape), climate control, a high-quality audio system, good sound insulation, as well as various small devices (for example, drawers for temporary storage compact things, stands for writing, drawing, eating, etc.). 

Equally important are various family car functions that are responsible for the comfort of the driver and passengers. All of them will help achieve a cozy atmosphere in the cabin, in which even the most challenging and long trip will become a pleasant experience. The most famous comfort options are heated and ventilated seats, power steering, air humidity control, etc. 

A car is a must-have attribute for large families, without which it won’t be easy to cope with many everyday tasks. When choosing one, it is important to be guided by the criteria we described. Only in this case will it be possible to find the optimal model that can satisfy the needs of many people and become each of their favorite forms of transport. 

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