Ron Perry | Another Round of Dots to Connect

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Here we go again! It will never end because all of the left-wing voters in our state don’t want it to. Once again they do not know how to connect the dots. Well here are some pretty big dots.

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett explained Thursday, as law enforcement officers were dismantling a protest encampment at UCLA and arresting the anti-Israel agitators, that the rioters will likely not be held accountable. “They will never be prosecuted for the myriad of crimes we’ve been witnessing: destruction of property, trespassing, violating police orders to vacate and disperse.”

“None of the people who are being arrested will be prosecuted because the citizens of Los Angeles elected George Gascón as the district attorney,” he said. “He’s a far-left progressive who made it abundantly clear the moment he took office that his solution to crime was to open the jailhouse doors and that’s what he did.”

Look at the dots. And ask yourself, “Did I vote for Gascón?” If the answer is yes, then you are supporting these rioters. You are supporting Hamas. You are supporting Antifa. You are supporting everything except the Israeli families (and babies) who were slaughtered while they picnicked and those who were taken captive by Hamas.

Do you still not connect the dots? Really?

And finally, the fact that these universities would even consider negotiating with these rioters tells me they are in cahoots. 

If they are American students they need to be expelled and made to pay for the repairs and the police. If they are not students they need to face jail time and pay for repairs and police. If they are not Americans they need to be deported. Period!

Ron Perry

Canyon Country

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