Why Golf Is the Next Best Family Activity to Try on Holiday


Unlike some activities that may exclude the youngest or eldest, golf is a game that can adapt to various abilities, ensuring everyone can partake in the fun. 

The nature of the game allows for a leisurely pace, which is quite conducive to catching up with one another and sharing laughs. This combination of gentle physical exercise, strategic play, and the chance to enjoy the outdoors makes golf on vacation a refreshing alternative to typical tourist pursuits.

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Choosing golf as your family outing on holiday helps instill values such as patience, sportsmanship, and respect for nature while also allowing for a personalized experience. Whether your family chooses a resort known for family-friendly golf amenities or opts for a destination with a mixture of golf and leisure, the game offers a unique way to unwind together. 

Benefits of Golf for All Ages

Introducing golf to children and teenagers equips them with a sport that emphasizes coordination and strategic thinking. 

Golf lessons provide a structured environment where young players, from beginners to pros, develop essential skills like focus and patience. Coupled with physical fitness, these lessons are pivotal for children’s growth both on and off the course.

Building Family Bonds Through Golf

Quality time is precious, and golf serves as the perfect conduit to strengthen family bonds. Parents and children can create lasting memories as they navigate the fairways together. 

This shared experience fosters communication and camaraderie, proving golf to be more than just a sport—it’s an opportunity for families with children to connect and enjoy each oth er’s company.

Golf Resorts and Facilities

Golf resorts are the epitome of family-friendly destinations, providing a blend of sport and relaxation. These facilities are designed to accommodate every family member, offering various amenities such as pools, spa treatments, and restaurants. 

It’s not just about the game—families can indulge in a complete vacation experience that caters to relaxation and enjoyment for all.

Choosing the Perfect Golf Holiday Destination

Destinations like Kiawah Island Golf Resort and The Celtic Manor boast not only championship golf courses but also enticing family deals and offers. 

When considering a destination, assess the accommodation choices, ensuring comfort for your whole family after a day on the links. Look for golf breaks that offer variety, flexibility, and value to get the most out of your holiday.

World-Renowned Golf Courses and Their History

History is a fairway unto itself. Courses like Gleneagles and The Belfry have hosted major tournaments and events, carving their place in golfing heritage. 

Delve into the past while walking the same greens as legends once did. Learning about a course’s history enriches the experience, allowing you to appreciate the evolution of the game and possibly improve yours through inspiration. You can also explore must-try golf courses in California, which drive, putt, and seek that elusive “hole-in-one.”

Activities Beyond the Green

Beyond the fairway, the ideal golf destination offers an assortment of activities. From archery to mini golf, there’s something for every family member. 

Resorts might feature paddleboarding on nearby lakes or even junior golf clinics. For non-golfers or after your rounds, ensure there are plenty of activities available to keep the holiday spirit alive.

Planning and Maximizing Your Golf Holiday

Embarking on a golf holiday with your family offers the perfect blend of sport and relaxation. Thoughtful planning can ensure you get the most out of your time on and off the greens.

Research is key to uncovering golf holiday packages that cater to the needs and abilities of all family members. 

Look for options that offer a variety of courses, family-friendly facilities, and activities that can engage everyone. 

Before booking, compare deals for inclusive perks such as reduced green fees and complimentary activities. Securing a package that encapsulates golf, leisure, and accommodation can maximize both value and enjoyment.

Tips for Traveling with Golf Equipment

Traveling with golf equipment requires forethought. You should determine if renting clubs at your destination is more convenient than bringing your own. 

If you decide to take your equipment, ensure it’s well-protected in a sturdy travel bag. For families aligned in style, consider choosing matching golf shirts that are comfortable for travel and suitable for the climate you’ll be playing in.

Entertainment and Dining for the Family

Off-course entertainment and dining experiences are integral to a fulfilling holiday. Perform a search to find leisure activities and attractions near your golf resort that appeal to non-golfers and younger family members. 

For dining, identify popular restaurants that offer a diverse menu satisfying both the adventurous and the particular eaters in your family. 

Safety and Etiquette on the Golf Course

Engaging with golf as a family can be an enriching experience, but it’s essential to combine enjoyment with awareness of safety and etiquette.

On the course, safety is paramount, especially for families with children. Always stay alert to flying golf balls and swinging clubs. 

Ensure children understand these risks and hold strict rules to not run ahead on the course. When using golf carts, drive carefully and according to the designated paths. This helps maintain the safety and enjoyment of the game for everyone while respecting the course.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels


Golf could be an excellent choice for your next family holiday activity. With its gentle pace and outdoor setting, it allows for quality bonding time while engaging in light physical exercise. Here are some compelling reasons to consider golf:

  • Quality Time: On the course, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted time with your loved ones. This environment promotes conversation and shared experiences.
  • Life Skills: Golf teaches patience, discipline, and etiquette which can be beneficial, especially for young family members.
  • Inclusivity: The sport welcomes all skill levels and ages, making everyone feel included.
  • Lasting Memories: The shared triumphs and challenges on the green often turn into cherished family stories.

On your next holiday, remember these points when deciding on activities that can enrich your family’s experience. 

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