Ask the Motor Cop | Seeking U-turn and 15 mph clarification 


Question: Is a U-turn allowed from a left turning lane in front of an apartment complex driveway?  

— Toni 

Answer: Hi Toni. Referring to last week’s article, apartments are considered business structures and generally a U-turn is not allowed in a business district unless there is a divider with an opening in it, regardless of any driveways present, and U-turns are not allowed from a left turn lane or a two-way left turn lane. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, Toni, don’t hesitate to contact me.  

Drive carefully.  

Question: I understand that 15 mph is an extremely slow speed and I understand that there are some laws where the speed limit is 15 mph. Please explain. 

— Sadie. 

Answer: Hi Sadie, thanks for the question and yes there are situations where the speed limit is 15 mph. Here they are, per 22352 California vehicle code: 15 mph when traversing a railway grade crossing, if during the last 100 feet of the approach, the driver does not have a clear and unobstructed view of 400 feet in both directions along the railway unless there are clearly visible electrical or mechanical railway crossing signal devices installed but does not then indicate the immediate approach of a railway train or car; 15 mph when traversing any intersection of highways, if during the last 100 feet of the driver’s approach to the intersection, the driver does not have a clear and unobstructed view when entering the intersection for 100 feet in both directions, unless controlled by any official traffic signals or signs; and 15 mph on any alley. 

Sadie, I hope I was able to answer your question. 

Drive carefully. 

Jerry Schlund, a Santa Clarita Valley resident, is a retired Los Angeles Police Department motor officer with over 24 years riding. He was a certified radar instructor — both laser and doppler — and was instrumental in California vehicle code amendments. He was a traffic school instructor for 25 years. Have a question for the motor cop? Send your questions to [email protected]   

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