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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Valerie Bradford at it again. Ms. Bradford, president of the Santa Clarita Valley NAACP, expressing her disdain for the residents of the SCV, but she does it by means of using generalized, undefined, vague terms cloaked in false sincerity. 

She says, “It’s important to me personally and also to our branch because it is a cultural celebration. It’s a celebration of our people.” 

Nothing says unification and acceptance like the term “Our People.” Who exactly are “our people?” Sounds like an exclusive club to me? And what “culture?” Does she mean American culture? You know, this great experiment called America, this diverse aggregate of people who flocked here seeking a better life than where they came from? Or does she mean an exclusive culture that reminisces about “The Mother Land,” simultaneously spewing divisive ideologies and contempt for America? 

Let me make this perfectly clear: The NAACP does nothing to unify America or our SCV. Its sole purpose is to incessantly remind Americans of mistakes it made in the past with zero goal of healing and unifying all of us as Americans. 

Derek Vineyard 

Canyon Country

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